Majestic and Miniature

Artist Peter Sheppard earns honor for magical, imaginative compositions of Trinidad’s splendor The Northern Range is sumptuous and nurturing as she cradles the western corner of the capital city.  The rainy season shaped the Range into a palette… Read More

Powder and Personal Space

Why do people paint their neck with powder, and what is the origin of that ritual, are questions that provoked the curiosity of artist Marlon Griffith for many years.  His curiosity was deepened by derogatory comments like, ‘Yuh… Read More

Almost Famous

Abroneka is aiming to become R&B royalty Unknown girl group Abroneka wants to become a household name, but they won’t sing soca.  They have been writing, rehearsing, and perfecting their harmonizing skills for over seven years, now, they’re… Read More

The Polished Canvas

Shalini is one of the luckiest underexposed artists I have met.  She has a work studio larger than the average one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment, and it’s set on sprawling acreage behind her family’s house in the Central plains on… Read More

In the Mas Camp with K2K

Trinidad Carnival attracts thousands of spectators and has offered inspiration to creative teams at Disney and Cirque du Soleil.  This year, a couture-centric masquerade band presentation by a pair of newcomers sparked hopeful dialogue around the return of… Read More

15 Minutes: Chef Franco Savors Argentina

Fernando Franco’s kitchen preps 400 dishes daily,  Sean Drakes surveys the chef’s table   When you’re the executive chef of a restaurant situated at a premier address for conferences and international business travelers, expectations are high and distinction… Read More

Designer Apprentice Scores Project Runway 9

“I was an accidental tourist,” recaps Anthony Reid of his first encounter with women’s wear designer Meiling .  “The association with Meiling grew out of me running an errand for her in New York in 1996.”  That led… Read More