Dine ‘n Dash

Progressive dinner and tour of homes puts fun in fundraising, Sean Drakes feasts on the run

We’re gathered in a large parking lot with a caravan of motor coaches that are performing shuttle service for 150 diners ready to embark on the 8th annual Dine ’n Dash.  This fundraising social is the brainchild of the AIDS Foundation of the Bahamas.  The concept: four generous homeowners sponsor one course on a dinner menu and open their home to a large number of curious guests.  The Foundation coordinates the  transportation that shuttles guests between homes.

This progressive dinner party commands U$200 per guest.  In 2009 Dine ’n Dash was such a hot ticket organizers were offered U$600 by eager late-comers who had to be turned away.  The allure of this festive event is two-fold, according to co-host Loretta Thomas: “This fundraiser is a success because it has an element of surprise [and] an unconventional way of experiencing fine dining in different venues in one evening.  It also has the spirit of people helping people.  This Dine ’n Dash generated an unprecedented amount of curiosity.  In previous years, [the names of the] hosts were not disclosed until your motor coach was en route, that added a little adventure.”  Truth be told, with the eclectic mix of guests and competitive drive for homeowners to outdo each other, there’s plenty adventure served with each course.

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