Majestic and Miniature

Artist Peter Sheppard earns honor for magical, imaginative compositions of Trinidad’s splendor The Northern Range is sumptuous and nurturing as she cradles the western corner of the capital city.  The rainy season shaped the Range into a palette… Read More

Almost Famous

Abroneka is aiming to become R&B royalty Unknown girl group Abroneka wants to become a household name, but they won’t sing soca.  They have been writing, rehearsing, and perfecting their harmonizing skills for over seven years, now, they’re… Read More

In the Mas Camp with K2K

Trinidad Carnival attracts thousands of spectators and has offered inspiration to creative teams at Disney and Cirque du Soleil.  This year, a couture-centric masquerade band presentation by a pair of newcomers sparked hopeful dialogue around the return of… Read More

Backstage at Battle of the Queens

When I’m idle and find myself at an event without official credentials, I sometimes get lucky to get limited access.  This mini photo-essay wasn’t an intended pursuit, nor did I devote a high level of gusto to shoot… Read More

Short Stay: Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo is an extraordinary island outpost, Sean Drakes samples the beautiful life If I try to picture what a replica of a 16th century Mediterranean village situated on a coastal bluff in the Dominican Republic would… Read More