Above: Reportage from my journey through the Cognac region in the South of France,  courtesy the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS).   Below:  My report on the savory culinary excellence on the menu at Waterfront restaurant at Hyatt Regency Trinidad.


Above: Stylized ad for spa Esencia experience utilized on homepage of Hyatt.com.  Below: Reportage of Epicurean Escape hosted by Food & Wine magazine at Hedonism Resort in Negril.


Above: My six-page reportage from Dominicana MODA, a premium fashion week event in Santo Domingo.  The legendary Oscar de la Renta was the spotlight designer.   Below: Journal of my trek from Bangkok, the industrial capital of Thailand, across the northesatern region of Isan to the Mekong River.

Marsden_2778DRAKESAbove: Interview of American actor James Marsden (‘Hairspray,’ ‘X-Men‘).  Below: Portrait and interview with American sales consultant Lisa Atkins in Barbados for a business magazine.


Above: Home design feature of Patrick Waldemar‘s dreamy “Amedis” in exclusive oceanfront community on south coast of Jamaica.

Above: My report from a thrilling eco-adventure that let my senses explore three distinct flavors of Belize.  Below: My exclusive interview with the only Emmy®-winning mas designer from the Caribbean, Peter Minshall, whose designs helped to elevate the Carnival arts.

Below: Article on cultural travel to promote an airline’s destinations.  Published in Skywritings.  Pictorial of the architectural magnificence of the sacred sanctuaries in Antigua for Caribbean Beat.

Isles of India

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