Covering Carnival

A director at the Latin America division of Getty Images who recruited me in 2011, soon nicknamed me the ‘Carnival King’. His gesture is no doubt inspired by the vibrant, exclusive coverage I provided the agency for several years. The steady stream of sales my Carnival coverage attracts, likely influenced his decision to recommend me for a contract upgrade when the Latin America division was acquired by the U.S. division of Getty.

Covering any subject consistently develops confidence, improves aptitude, enhances storytelling skills, and challenges your eyes to seek a fresh, unique point of view every time to step out to shoot. This photo montage, and the accompanying twelve pointers, can help strengthen your strategy for capturing candid (not posed) coverage, that conveys the vibrant energy that saturates the street parades and show stages during the most spectacular Carnival in the Caribbean.

  • Travel, Leisure, Trinidad, Carnival, Caribbean, Mardi Gras
  • Travel, Leisure, Trinidad, Carnival, Caribbean, Mardi Gras
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J’ouvert commands an intimate perspective, a 15mm – 35mm zoom is my preferred lens.

Avoiding eye contact with subjects I desire to capture is key to photographing a candid moment.

Patience is pivotal, even I have to shadow masqueraders for hours to get one magical image.

High shutter speeds above 500 fps minimizes blur when you and your subject are in motion.

A strong grasp of the principles of design and style inform my ability to edit before shooting.

Delete duplicates between covering bands, stay focused on fresh work to lift your career.

My stage coverage is unique because I never drop anchor alongside other photogs to shoot.

On a sun-soaked day, F7 is the aperture setting that delivers wonderful depth of field.

Be thoughtful about when you utilize blur to emphasize the energy of a robust performance.

If the success of a photo requires hands and/or feet in the frame, excuses won’t improve your shot.

A faked shot is not a candid shot, when you settle for less that mindset will define your brand.

Change your point of view many times, it will make your reportage more interesting.

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